Thursday, September 29, 2011

POP GEEK HEAVEN - Arrives This Friday! (special beta for Power Pop Prime buyers)

Bruce from over at Pop Geek Heaven sent us this little reminder.

I've been working on the Pop Geek Heaven project in my extra time for a good part of 2011. The dream of it, a lot longer.

It's finally ready - but before the 'rest of the world' can see and enjoy POP GEEK HEAVEN, I wanted to give you the first look at it.

Think of it as your Backstage Pass to a new kind of experience for the power pop fan.

This V.I.P. Access is one way for me to say "Thank You So Much!" for picking up my "Power Pop Prime" book this summer! (by the way, my digital gifts that I promised are going to be sent out in a few weeks so they are coming - and news on two other books coming next week, too!)

On Friday, you'll be ushered through the back door to check it all out first. Before anyone else!

So, when does Pop Geek Heaven launch?
Answer: Just go to this link on Friday at 1 p.m. M.S.T.

Please Understand: THIS IS A BETA TEST phase. There could be some issues and weirdness. If so, let me know what you're seeing - and be patient.

This is important - to enjoy everything at PopGeekHeaven when you go there on Friday, you must become a member of PGH (which costs you nothing so don't stress on it!).

I mention this so you are clear PGH is not some big company, corporate thing - it's a 'free'/gratis project that one person has been working on and will be supported by sales at the Pop Geek Heaven Store.

Everything with PGH has been a BIG vision in my head for years - and it's just been one person(me) working on the development of this(and I'm no techie so I've been limited with the resources to pull this all off).

But PGH is all about us, the fans - and the artists making the music.

Our passion for music and our interest & devotion to 'power pop' is what will make it work.

It's that simple. I really hope you dig it......

It's Live
RIGHT HERE on Friday!

Peace 'n (good) Pop,

Bruce Brodeen
(Just Another) Pop Geek