Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bill Popp & The Tapes - Popp This - 1989

A unique and unconventional veteran of Manhattan's Lower East Side club scene, Bill Popp has often combined unapologetically Beatlesque power-pop with elements of punk and new wave. By the time his debut album was recorded in 1989, Popp and various editions of his band, the Tapes, had been playing live for eight years -- often getting a favorable response playing "Eleanor Rigby" for punk rockers at CBGB! Listening to the strong hooks and powerful melodies of "Don't Hold It Against Me," "She's in the Sky," and other gems on Popp This, it's impossible to miss the influence not only the Beatles, but also, other British Invasion icons like the Yardbirds and the Zombies. One could easily assume that the undeservedly obscure singer/composer (whose last name really is Popp) is British himself. But in fact, Popp was raised in the blue-collar College Point section of Queens. He consistently comes across as someone who is determined to play exactly what's in his gut -- and darn the consequences. -AMG