Thursday, September 8, 2011

The New Fidelity - The New Fidelity - 2005

Debut album from The New Fidelity sound like a power pop version of Green On Red, The Connells, early Teenage Fanclub and The Dream Syndicate. There`s some Pixies and lots and lots of New Zealand pop sounds from the early/mid 90`s with bands like The Bats and Straightjacket Fits. Like some of these bands, there`s a mid 80`s desert rock sound that step alongside this pop bands` sound, making it sound fresh, vibrant and exciting, not cut from the loin cloth of just any generic band. "Aside from their masterful harmonies, the New Fidelity sound nothing like The Beach Boys and everything like the soundtrack to an 80`s movie that was never made"-Calender. That is a apt and amusing statement, actually..and accurate(we`re going for the `a` motif with our descriptives it appears!). Each listen reveals something new, some new vibe to latch onto that listen earlier did not even hint at. Layers of sublime nuance and easy-to-enjoy, hard driving guitar melodies. Extremely Highly Recommended! -Not Lame