Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Colin Clary and the Magogs - Her Life of Crime - 2004

Simplicity and subtlety are combined with solid songcraft and pristine arrangements to create an achingly poignant album of considerable emotional and lyrical depth all wrapped up and disguised as a sunshine pop record. If you like to make out to the Beach Boys and have ever fallen in love or had your heart broken then we consider you among our peers and this album is about someone like you. You know how Pet Sounds can sound beautiful and break your heart at the same time as it sticks in your head and wraps you in melody and harmony? Well, Colin Clary & the Magogs have taken that template and done their own thing, creating a pop album about small town life and the universal themes of heartbreak and forgiveness. This proves to be a fresh look at the problem of love in the modern era. This album allows the Magogs to apply their studio mastery and knack for mouth-wateringly simple and buoyant arrangements to Colin`s song cycle and the playful vocal interplay of Clary/Wall. The result is 12 tracks that make up one of the most listenably catchy and thought-provoking records of this year. -Not Lame