Monday, August 8, 2011

New Kool Kat Release - The Modulators "Tomorrow's Coming"

The Modulators     Tomorrow's Coming   GREAT!!    $12

Major, major kudos and thanks must first go out to IPO's David Bash for turning us on to and putting us in contact with this 80's New Jersey band that totally escaped us "back in the day"! In conjunction with the group, this is the official CD(R) reissue of their now incredibly rare 1984 LP, and comes bolstered with 3 non-LP bonus tracks taken from singles and EP's - representing their entire recorded output. Jangle, jangle, jangle is the order of the day here on this pop-drenched gem folks! The hook-filled songwriting and vocal harmonies are also first rate throughout. If you didn't know better, you might think they were from the UK (there are some very strong period indie Brit-Pop influences on display here) or even the Midwest (Marshall Crenshaw and the Shoes immediately come to mind). The Merseybeat influences are definitely present throughout. They even cover Bob Dylan’s "My Back Pages"! "Songs like 'Spin Me Around' and 'She's So Cynical' are the type that keep running through your head long after the last chords have been struck and last notes sung. They've delivered a fantastic set of vintage power pop! Sometimes the old ones are the best – they had no need for any gadgets and technology. They just play, simple as that and it works really, really well." - Minty and the Beeb Go Gigging "Though it was a well-kept secret to anyone outside of Northern New Jersey, The Modulators were one of the finest practitioners of power pop in the Garden State. During their heyday in the early to mid '80s, they released several 45s and one LP of perfectly crafted, hooky tunes, and you'll be able to hear them for yourself on this fine reissue. The story does not end there, folks; The Modulators are still going strong, as their live gigs in New York, New Jersey and Liverpool (at The Cavern Club!!!) would attest. File under: Get This CD, NOW!" - David Bash/IPO Nice one David! Solid from start to finish!

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