Wednesday, August 10, 2011

D.L. Byron - Exploding Plastic Inevitable - 1998

D.L.Byron is a powerful singer/ songwriter. Once signed to Arista Records, and produced by Jimmy Iovine, he began his own independant record label, Zen Archer Records.
His first release on Zen Archer, \"Exploding Plastic Inevitable\" which has already sold thousands of copies worldwide.
His second release, is entitled \"Plain Clothes\". It is an all acoustic recording, and falls more into the \"Power-Folk\" genre. Zen Archer has subsequently released other works from D.L.
D.L.Byron is also responsible for writing the Grammy Award winning song \"Shadows of the Night\" as recorded by Pat Benatar, selling millions units to date.
His music is poetic and timeless, allowing the listener to weave in and out creating their own colours. Although, somewhat remeniscent of the music of the late 60\'s, D.L.\'s music stands out on it\'s own! Turn it up! -CD Baby