Friday, August 12, 2011

Captain Wilberforce - Mindfilming - 2005

UK pop band that fans of Brendan Benson, Matthew Sweet, ELO, Starbelly, Velvet Crush, some Jellyfish, the pop-side of Radiohead`s "The Bends" and XTC all wrapped up a bit of glammy British swagger that only a band that was wells up when thinking about Marc Bolan`s loss on the music world. The singer sounds a lot like Jon Brion, which will bring some comparisons to The Grays, which is happily appropriate, too(listen to "A Very British Earthquake" for aural proof!). Chock full of raw and infectious slices of harmonic pop, it buzzes with crunching guitars and killer choruses. Bottom line, song after well-crafted song and melody after infectious melody that should be more than just casually appealing to the majority of folks out there! Classic Not Lame styled power pop. -Not Lame