Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Lolas - Something You Oughta Know - 2004

Something You Oughta Know doesn't stray far from the immaculate bubblegum/
jangle pop assault of the Lolas' previous releases. The Alabama combo are high-scoring students of the genre, and each heady blend of tight Byrds-like harmonies and Cheap Trick swagger is instantly catchy and deliciously transparent -- in a good way. They've got enough Gary Glitter/ELO rave-ups ("Little Deedra"), Nuggets-infused fist-pumpers ("Jungle Girl"), and sugary ballads ("Light Up Every Doorway") to satisfy the rottenest of sweet tooths, and despite the ultracompressed, a little too bright and radio-ready -- for 1977 that is -- production, they all work. Sure, it's just retro power pop and it's all been done before, but if hearing it filtered through the ears and amps of a band whose heaviest lyric is "since you've been gone, my guitar won't stay in tune" doesn't put a smile on your face, then you're just plain jaded. -AMG