Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Buster - Buster - 1977

.. In May 1976, Buster released their debut single "Sunday" in England. The band were marketed as the new 'teeny bop' sensations and the record was an immediate success with their young fans although, as rock musicians, the boys felt uncomfortable with their 'teeny' image. Sunday raced into the UK charts reaching No46. Radio 1, refused to play the single due to the fact that they were getting a little tired of "Teeny" bands and a new sound was on its way in...PUNK! RVC (present BMG) which is the Japanese division of RCA released "Sunday" in Japan in January 1977. The single was an immediate top ten hit and the boys turned their attentions to the Japanese markets. Five further singles followed and all were top twenty hits. Christmas 1977 saw the band touring Japan, Philippines, Australia & Germany. In Japan 'Buster-mania' had taken a firm grip on the young Japanese public. -Buster