Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Peachfuzz - About a Bird - 2003

One of the most enjoyable slices of Los Angeles pop-psych this side of Michael Quercio's Jupiter Affect and the revivified Arthur Lee-plus-Baby Lemonade lineup of Love, the debut album by Peachfuzz is janglefuzzy power pop with all of the genre's best attributes -- deliciously whiny high-register vocals with sweet and sour harmonies that threaten to veer offkey but never quite do, an entire Guitar Center's worth of effects pedals, an appealingly retro worldview -- and none of its all-too-common pitfalls: dull songwriting, flat productions, unimaginative arrangements that make the songs sound even more alike than they really are, and a desire to strain out any audible musical influences that postdate the first Raspberries album. The results aren't world-shattering by any stretch of the imagination, but songs like the soaring "So Why Not Now" and the gloriously straight "Save Us Tammy Faye" are incredibly endearing. For those who always wished the Green Pajamas rocked just a little harder. -AMG

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