Friday, November 5, 2010

The Jupiter Affect - The Restoration of Culture After Genghis Khan - 2003

The Jupiter Affect boasts a lineup of pop underground veterans. Bassist and vocalist Michael Quercio not only coined the term "Paisley Underground" (to describe the slew of '60s-slanted psychedelic pop bands in L.A.) during an interview in the early '80s, but he was also at the forefront of the scene as a member of the Salvation Army and the Three O' Clock. Quercio joined Permanent Green Light after the Three O'Clock broke up, and in 1997, he formed the Jupiter Affect with PGL drummer Chris Bruckner and guitarists Dan Epstein (ex-Lava Sutra) and Jason Shapiro (ex-Celebrity Skin). Building on the members' roots in ultra-melodic power pop, the group debuted with a self-titled EP on Aerial Flipout in 1998. Instructions for the Two Ways of Becoming Alice saw the re-teaming of Quercio with engineer/producer Earle Mankey, who had worked with him in the Three O'Clock and Permanent Green Light, using their expertise on the production values of classic, late-'60s pop and rock records to full potential. -AMG