Friday, March 12, 2010

Pribata Idaho - Spain Is Pain - 2000

The Byrds are the main influence of the Spanish guitar pop band Pribata Idaho. They have the ringing guitars, heavenly vocal harmonies, classic hooks -- the whole package. The group even titles one of their songs "You Have to Fly to Be a Byrd." Sometimes they turn up the amps and rock out in a modern style, but their hearts are definitely in the 1960s. Standout tracks include the charging opener "Townee From the West," the twangy "Welcome to the Day After," the gently psychedelic (in the manner of Pink Floyd or Radiohead) "After the First Sin," and the total Byrds homage "You Have to Fly to Be a Byrd." Careful scrutiny of the enclosed lyrics is not recommended, as the group's grasp of the English language is not as strong as their grasp of sunny guitar pop. Thankfully, the lead vocals are a little buried in the mix so the listener can gloss over the lyrics and listen to the pretty harmonies. This is not an earth-shattering record, just a pop record that will make you feel good. -AMG