Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Finkers - Fresh Set-O-Prints - 1999

Founded by former Pyramidiacs and Crusaders skin-pounder Mickster, The Finkers were born out of his desire to make music that would leave a rock and roll stamp on the purest of melodies. In other words, a brand of power pop that appreciates the "power" without sacrificing the "pop". Naturally, the next step was to find the musical soulmates that would help bring such songs to life, right?
Well, it became clear in the band's evolution that vocalist/bassist Michael Carpenter (who adds his own production flair to the proceedings along with Mickster) and guitarists Matt Allison and Mick O'Regan were the ones to heed the call-to-arms. The momentum now there, The Finkers went ahead and did something about it. That "something" was to win converts with their live shows in their native Australia (such as with their prime slots opening for You Am I, DM3 & Even), and to continue to write and record music that can stir the soul as well as make walls tumble down. We're talking about a serious rock and roll work ethic here - one that accounts for two remarkable full length recordings released barely a year apart!
There's a party in these grooves, friends, where everything good about rock and roll lives - powerful hooks, pounding beats, glowing harmonies, and songs ranging from rowdy shouts to pure pop splendour. All throughout, The Finkers never lose sight and never waver from their determination to have as much fun as possible