Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Maxtone Four - Go Steady - 2003

The Maxtone Four's debut recording, Go Steady, produced and recorded by Drew Johnson (the Drew Johnson Band, Formula Kid) at Angstrom Sound in Granite City, Illinois, is a throwback to rock records of yesteryear, a record that strips away the current musical trends of aggression, angst and whiny navel-gazing, replacing them with solid, hook-filled, guitar-driven pop/rock. Songs about girls and sunny skies. St. Louis, Missouri based singer/songwriter Brian McClelland's jones for mixing 60's British invasion (Kinks, the Zombies), 80's new wave (the Cars, the Knack, Squeeze) and more recent indie guitar rock (Fountains of Wayne, Sloan, Superdrag) has developed into a truly unique brand of songwriting, filling Maxtone Four's driving tunes with hooky, buzzy guitars and timeless pop melodies. And lyrics that won't make you wince. -CD Baby

Maxtone Four - Go Steady - 2003/rs
Maxtone Four - Go Steady - 2003/mu