Friday, February 12, 2010

B-Back - Second Hand - 2006

The B-Back were born in October 2003 when Madison Wheeler (drums and vocals) dropped his previous band, Ray Daytona & The Googobombos. Madison, thanks to his talent as a songwriter (Pikes in Panic - I Barbieri) wrote five songs and asked to Frank Croco (guitarist in the garage band The Gloves) to arrange them. Frank accepted and brought some more 60s style songs. Three months later John Amato (guitarist from The Quarrymen) joined the band along with Paul "The Muppets" as bass player. Eight months later the B-Back recorded their debut album "IN TIME!" with Area Pirata label, followed by "SECOND HAND" in december 2006. During this time they had many gigs in Italy and abroad. On Summer 2008 Paul Muppet left the band and Zara Thustra (bass player in Skum) joined the B-Back.

B-Back - Second Hand - 2006/rs
B-Back - Second Hand - 2006/mu