Saturday, December 17, 2011

[#21] Miss A - "Goodbye Baby"

From: "A Class" (Album)
Released: July 2011, South Korea
Rating: 3.53

2011 was very good to Miss A in terms of success, and even if A Class was half-unoriginal, the new tracks were actually pretty good.

"Goodbye Baby" gives off a very nonchalant attitude. It's edgy, it's smooth and it's somewhat sophisticated, but it sounds very effortless. It's right smack in between heavily-orchestrated and the wild, running around stage-type songs in the sense that it's still structured and it's still serious, but it's also very second nature to both Miss A and the people behind the song.

There's a thin line between effortlessness and laziness, but this song is certainly far from lazy. Very far. Their vocals, although very smooth and somewhat laid-back, still manage to pack a punch, and the instrumental has enough quirk to sustain. And, despite the fact that I'm not the biggest fan of the singing style JYP forces down his acts' throats (literally!), it actually works for this song, because if it was sung straight without the "JYP technique", one dimension of the song would've been lost in the shuffle, and this song is all about dimension.

Let's backtrack a bit. I said that "Goodbye Baby" is smooth, and that's another really important element of the song. The vocals, even if they're slightly disjointed due to JYP, are very smooth, silky smooth even. They add to the over-all sound, and laced with the instrumental this entire song sounds like a smooth cup of coffee, with just a little extra creamer.

Bottom line is, "Goodbye Baby" is catchy, it's an effective pop song, but above all it's well-done. In being well-done, it becomes a pleasure to listen to, and that's a really important trait in a song - it has to be easy to listen to.