Friday, October 21, 2011

Second Saturday - Here`s The Deal - 2002

GREAT power pop band - hard to find 2002 debut album. Imagine(go with us here) The Beach Boys(but not literally) playing Fountains Of Wayne, The Argument, Jetpack and Ben Folds. Or Jeffrey Foskett teaming up with new up and comers The Blakes, The Rentals, Light FM or Adventures Of Jet. Huh? What`s all this? It`s spiffy, up-beat lightly tinged new wave power pop for modern made to splash water on stiff, established pop contributions of late. Second Saturday`s music is a fine-woven blend of catchy, energized, and powerful sugar-pop tunes with beautiful melodies, up-beat tempos, rip-rocking guitars, infectious synthesizer, and four-part harmonies that can be matched by the likeness of only Brian Wilson. Every song a winner! -Not Lame