Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ambershades - Clap Clap Clap - 2003

If it weren't writ large in black and white you'd have trouble believing this gem to be a debut single. For a start, Ambershades Clap Clap Clap presents the talents of vocalist Davey La, who instantly reminds of Julian Casablancas.
And the Americana music spans the worlds of Stealer's Wheel, The Beach Boys and The Flaming Lips, all the while maintaining invention and humour in spades. Yes, that good.
Not for them a naff B-side either. Hello Hello is a country-western influenced little number that'll make you wish you could click your fingers. Unless, of course, you can. Single closer Too Much is simply a misnomer. Such a thing could not be possible where this lot are concerned. - Michael Hubbard