Monday, August 9, 2010

Willie Wisely - She - 1996

For his second album, Willie Wisely decided to pull out all the stops, hell-bent to prove that he's a full-fledged showman à la Paul McCartney. There are piano ballads, Casio bossa nova, ringing guitar pop, blue-eyed soul, neo-glam stomps, George Harrison sitar pop -- it's a veritable tour de force, a flashy display of myriad different styles, all tied together by his smirky wit. Apparently, She is a loose concept album about females, which means the songs can either be straight love songs, quirky odes about girls or break-up tunes. Occasionally, Wisely comes across as a little smug, as on the ridiculous faux lounge of "Sleeping with Girls" and the condescending (and strangely bitter) "Loander My Guitar," but he has strong melodic sense which makes his lyrical shortcomings and need to dazzle forgivable. Ultimately, it's Wisely's melodic sense that makes She a successful record, but his music may be even more impressive if he tames his humor.-AMG