Friday, May 14, 2010

Anderson Council - The Fall Parade - 2006

With their second album, The Fall Parade, New Brunswick, NJ’s The Anderson Council pick up where they left off, driving home British Invasion-style hooks with power, style, and agility. From the opening barrage of “Beautiful” onward, every ringing chord, slamming drum fill, and booming bass run is brought to light by engineer Kurt Reil (The Gripweeds) and his House of Vibes cohorts. Appropriately, singer/songwriter Peter Horvath gleefully raids British vocal traditions (think Ray Davies through Paul Weller and Andy Partridge) the way Mick Jagger once raided our very own. Shuffle this strong lineup of tracks, and you won’t go wrong if you land on the propulsive “Friday’s Girl”, the stomping “Strawberry Smell”, or the loping “What Do You Know?” -CD Baby