Friday, April 9, 2010

Reaction - Reaction - 2006

The first song, "Summer Of Love" gives a clear indication of where Reaction, who are from Chicago, are coming from. Hint: it`s not Chicago. To our ears, there`s a healthy interest and inspiration that Australian bands like Hoodoo Gurus, The Lime Spiders, the Celibate Rifles, 80`s era The Saints and The Stems spent quality time in. We hear some Replacements and Dream Syndicate, but what makes this special is the incredible pure poppy looks inside the guitar attack of Reaction. Some of those previously mentioned bands, had a tendency to obscure the melodicism, but Reaction puts it right up front. The band has exhilarating batch of 9 songs, each a dynamic and catchy rock`n`roll tune. It`s kind of 80`s garage-styled rock with that 80`s Australian jangle pop energy, like many of the bands above. -Not Lame